Oz Stockists

The following wine merchants import Jura wines into Australia, not all of them sell retail, but they should give you a list of stockists.

Andrew Guard Wine Imports:
Jean-François Ganevat
Emmanuel Houillon/Pierre Overnoy
Julien Labet

Living Wines:
Philippe Bornard
Michel Gahier
Domaine de l’Octavin

Heart & Soil:
Domaine Macle
Jacques Puffeney
Domaine (Stéphane) Tissot

Eurocentric Wines:
Domaine de la Tournelle

Douglas Lamb Wines:
Caveau de Bacchus (Lucien Aviet)

Halle aux Vins:
Domaine Rolet

Ultimo Wine Centre:
Domaine de Savagny/Marcel Cabelier (Grands Chais de France)

Vinous Solutions:
Domaine Berthet-Bondet
Domaine de la Borde

If you know of mistakes above or of other wines imported into Australia please contact Wink Lorch.

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